Baxi is my name ...

10 weeks old and cute as a button

Let me introduce myself ...

If you ask me –or my mum–, I am the cutest, nicest, funniest and most charming dog in the world. Baxi is my name, well, really I’m Tarrawangas Baxi, but plain Baxi will do. Only when I am visiting dog shows, do I use my full name. If you haven't already guessed, I'm an Australian Kelpie ... people say.

I started my life at kennel Tarrawangas on Sealand, Denmark. My mum, Kitty, was the best mum in the world and she still is. As soon as the weather started to get nice and we could manage the steps, we spent most of our time outside, either playing, charming visitors or powernapping. We had a ton of toys to play with but never enough space to run. But then we are kelpies. We love to run and all the space in the world is not enough.

When we were 8 weeks old, my new life was about to begin. My new mum came down (again) and this time I stepped out into the big world and drove home with her to my own place. Little did I know what was awaiting me – a life full of adventure and happiness.

How many dogs can truthfully say that they have been travelling by air as well as by car? Not more than 10 months old, did I go on a trip to Spain to stay with some friends. Of course I didn’t know they were friends, but what else would they be. I loved every second of our trip and made some really good new friends. At three, I  went to Wales by car. Now that was a long trip, but once we got there I didn’t want to go back home. I had so many acres to roam and friendly people to hang out with that I dreaded my small patch of a garden at home. Well, once our car was packed, I decided it was time to jump into my crate if I ever wanted to see my mum again. You can read more about my adventures on my travel link.

In between the travelling I exercise in the forests and elsewhere, and I work. I track and search and do obedience. Hopefully, I will soon get things right and we will get transferred to the elite class. I also herd sheep in between. My mum lets Camilla teach me the tricks of the trade, because all those sheep knock her off her feet. I just love to work and dance my little happy dance whenever it’s time to go out.

Sometimes my mum takes me to conformation shows too. I like seeing all the other dogs and especially the nice judges. Somehow I seem to charm my way into their hearts. One judge told my mum that she should never try to teach me otherwise. Mostly my friend, Eva, runs with me in the ring. One day my mum bought me a new, fine show line in nice leather that just looks perfect on me. Then I decided that I would run and stand as nicely as the line. Turned out that that made my mum happy, because I didn’t just earn one challenge certificate, but three in a row. And in just one intermediate class and two open class shows I had become a Danish show champion! Next I delighted four different judges in the champion class at club shows and earned the title of Club Champion. Only 4.5 years old and I have earned the four CACIBs for the international championship. So now I am an international conformation champion. All that is left is for me to receive my diploma.

Just shows you … I'm full of surprises!

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3 years old and handsome

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