Baxi har started his summer season fitness swimming.. He loves it!

Baxi 7 years!

Just a few days ago on 16 May, Baxi held his 7th birthday. We drove into town to get some special treats for him and had a nice walk around the lake in the company of kelpie friend. A special day with lots of fun activities.

Baxi is still going strong and I practice core exercises with him every other day. Soon - I hope - the weather will get warmer so Baxi can start swimming again. Besides this, Baxi still tracks and he will soon begin new adventures in training.

Just two weeks prior to Baxi's birthday, the vet described Baxi as extremely well-kept, lean and in perfect muscular condition.

Herding skills test

I have made a couple of diasshows with FCI's herding skills test adapted to Sweden.

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Copenhagen Winner - BOB

Ballerup International Show - 21 Sept.

I decided to enter Baxi, because I was expecting 'old' dog friends from Australia and had asked them if they would be interested in spending some of their time here in DK at a Danish dog show.

So off Baxi and I went and arrived at 8 am. Friends arrived a little later. We were dog and handler no 5 in the ring so it was an early start and finish. Quite out of the ordinary we had another male to compete against (usually there are only females), but as he didn't earn a CK (certificate quality) and Baxi did, Baxi ran with the title of Copenhagen Winner as well as BOB.

Photos: Ann-Marie Boyd

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Baxi's summer holiday 2019

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Lomma, Sweden


Every year for many years the working dog club in Lomma, Sweden has been the venue for a Kelpie Special conformation show. This year it is their last. To support the show, a bunch of Kelpies drove to Sweden to show our Kelpies. Six Danish Kelpies were entered and the rest were from Sweden. Altogether 25 Kelpies. A couple of extra Kelpies came along for the ride and to attempt to win the Casey Cup for the search exercise. We drove back home with four certificates, a rosette for 97 points in the beginner rally class, and the Casey Cup.

Baxi was handled by Judy, an acquaintance who hasn't handled him before. They did very well, and Baxi became 3rd best CH male and 4th best male. It was fun to see him among the other strong champion males. 

Here's the judge's critique (orginal in Swedish below):

Beautiful expression, fine eyes and ears. Great topline. Gives a somewhat low set impression. Powerful chest and great front. Great angulations. Moves with sufficient stride. Great composition with good coat.

Vackert uttryck, fina ögon & öron. Bra överlinje. Ger ett ngt. lågställt intryck. Kraftfull bröstkorg & bra front. Bra vinklar. Rör sig med tillr. steg. Bra helhet med goda pälsanlag.

Now also Swedish Show Champion!


By now it is no secret that Baxi is a very handsome kelpie. This Sunday we went to Hässleholm, Sweden, and earned our second Nordic CAC (of three). In addition we earned a Swedish CAC and Baxi became a Swedish Show Champion - on top of all his other show titles, including International Show Champion.

Baxi was handled by our good friend Eva to his very best. What would I do without her?!

Rarely do judges speak with the handlers/owners of a dog, but this time was different. She not only emphasised his excellent looks, but also asked about his background, genetically as well as working.

Here's Baxi's critique (translated - original in Swedish follows):

6 yrs. Well-moving. Typical. Slightly lengthy male with excellent proportions. Well-shaped head. Well-shaped eyes. Good bite, teeth, ear shape. Excellent forechest, chest, bone structure, angulations and movement.


(6 år. Välgående. Typfull. En aning längsträckt hane med utm bygnadsförhållande. Välformat huvud. Välformade ögen. Bra bett, tänder, öronform. Utm. förbröst, bröstkorg, benstamme, vinklar & Rörelser.)

More pictures below - click for full size.


Yet again Baxi and I have travelled to Spain to visit our friends there. Baxi was pleased to see his two lady friends, Vicky and Jody, again and they enjoyed each other's company for eight full days. Baxi sure looks happy.


Today Baxi and I went for a walk in the beautiful autumn weather - an unusual experience with mild temps and dying leaves on the trees. I remembered to bring my camera for a change - and this is just one of the shots I got of my handsome little guy. For more shots, check out below.


You always need a reason to do something. In this case I needed to teach Baxi to swim to get him fit again after an injury. And we're not talking about getting any dog to swim. We're talking about Baxi - the guy who believes that men don't believe in clean feet, so don't get them wet! Well, there was no way back, only forward.

Surprisingly it didn't really take many attempts. A flexi leash can work wonders along with a lead around the belly to keep him up. But it took a lot of convincing that he could do it. At the recreation area, the lake is an old gravel pit that slides down gently until a few metres out. Then it lead into a steep 5-metre drop. And Baxi didn't like to head that way. I managed to pull Baxi out backwards, and then he started swinning back towards the beach. Good dog!

After about four swimming lessons, I had to let go of the lead around Baxi's belly or I would have slid into the water myself, and although I lost a good quality leather leash, I discovered that Baxi could keep up his back and lie horizontally in the water. So from that day on I no longer needed the extra lead. Now I just needed to coach Baxi to going into the water on his own: A new big challenge.

Baxi still needs some coaching, but he will go in, he will jump in, and he will also go in at our local dog pool that we will be using from now since the weather and outdoor water is too cold. I must say that I am very pleased with Baxi and pleased with him trusting me enough to understand that he can do what he never thought possible. But then, Baxi will do anything for his mum and a stick!

  • Total focus
    "Tungen lige i munden!"

  • Finding his balance

  • Yes, this is indeed Baxi, jumping with just water beneath him!

  • And then trying to find his balance in the water.


Baxi and I drove to the north of Zealand this morning. I had entered us in the FH 1 tracking trial. I knew I was taking a chance because we do not have access to good training facilities. Only Wednesday I managed to see how Baxi would deal with crossing a road, which he dealt with like he had been tracking on roads his whole life. We also managed to test a cross track, which he also coped with well. Then Friday, I was able to borrow a meadow that I planned to use to test a 3-hr track (our first). The meadow was under water and full of fine little nettles, not the best for a dog with sensitive feet. But Baxi worked through it despite all my faults. At the trial, the field could only be better. And it was; it was superb. No complaints there.

Baxi started very well and he continued to work the best he knew, his head high in between, and a little too much speed to stay in the track round the corners. But he worked very independently and I was very happy with him. We got through the track much better than I had anticipated and with a score of 86 p.

International Champion


Baxi is now International Conformation Champion, having gained his four CACIBs in five shows.

Sikke en fest ...


Baxi havde en fest her i weekenden.

Han havde fået dameselskab - en 2-årig aktiv kelpietøs, Cheetah, og et 9 uger gammelt, meget charmerende, lille monster, Brownie.

Baxi havde travlt med at holde styr på tropperne. Cheetah fik ikke lov til at blive for voldsom over for Brownie uden at han nænsomt blandede sig, men samtidig skulle det blive over Baxis lig at lege med det lille dyr. Hvis hun lige skulle blive lidt utryg, ja så kunne han da godt berolige hende med et lille slik. Og det vidste Brownie godt, for hun jagtede rundt efter Cheetah og bed i hende, mens hun blot kiggede lidt på Baxi hvis hun kom for tæt på.

Dejligt med en hund der kan holde ro og orden - lige når man mest tror at det er et energibundt man har.