FH 1/SPH 1 86 p passed 29 May 2018
- Fantastic photo by Hanne Rasmussen

DKK unofficial rally novice (Nov 2020): 96 p.


Accomplishments in the working programme approved by the Danish Kennel Club and organised by the working breed clubs.

The trials are IPO exercises. I limit Baxi's work to tracking and obedience.

FH/SPH 1 (Apr 2018): 86 p.

SL1 (Aug 2016): 96-77 =173 p.

BH/FP (Apr 2015): Pass

Beg.prøve AB (Sept 2014): 81-91 = 172 p.

Beg.prøve B (July 2014): 88 p.


Accomplishments in the DcH programme:

A class (Apr 2019): 3rd place w/244,30 p. 

B class (Aug 2015): 6th place w/177,90 p.

B class (Apr 2015): 6th place w/171,40 p.


Accomplishments in herding:

Baxi started his first herding lesson when he was 6 months old. After 4 lessons we took a winter break and returned in the spring. Then we took a seminar with the same instructor. I returned to herding the following year after our instructor had offered to handle Baxi. 

In spring 2017, Baxi's handler tells me that he is a pleasure to work with. From the start Baxi showed excellent problem solving skills; now Baxi also displays a good understanding of most of the jobs in the take pens as well as around the shutes. He is defitely better at fetching sheep than driving - he simply seems to find it more interesting.

Late 2019/early 2020 I have had to withdraw Baxi from herding due to an old injury that recurs every time we herd. I definitely miss watching Baxi herd, and I am certain that he misses it after we visited and he instantly focused on the pens.

For videos see below.